What makes iPhone stand ahead of Androids?

You all must have seen that whenever you feel like you are having a better option then you start working to avail that and to get it in their lives. This is how all works and this is how we spend our lives. This is the natural behaviour we are always attracted to the thing that is more sparkly and have something new in it. And this rule is applied in all the fields of our life.

There was a time when there were radios but when people saw the television for the very first time they were intimidated towards it and started working hard to get one for their selves. There was a time when puppets were the only entertainment of the people out there but when cinema came in to being all of the audience left the puppet shows and head towards the cinema houses.

This is how people pick their new tastes and this is a natural behaviour.

Likewise, there was a time when there was a heavy weighted phone with lots of distortion in it but when the first handset came in the market all ran towards it. And with every single enhancement in these handsets people start buying these sets and so on. Now there is the time when one brand launches something new and amazing we attracted towards that brand. Now it is the time when the biggest war is between the brands to get the most limelight and to get the most appraisals from all over the globe.

Yes! You got it, when there were simple phones in the market or even touch phones there were majorly 2 to 4 brands that were manufacturing phones at that time but when Apple launched iPhone for the very first time in 2007 it was a heartbreaking time for many brands as it was the massive hit from the apple. They designed this phone in such a way that enhanced the word “mobile phone”. Now when it comes to connecting people and mobile phones, iPhone changed the whole scenario. The launch of iPhone really affected the sales of other brands and it was a major setback for the android.

The shiny, sparkly and attractive features and new looks really made people fall for it and that is why it was sold like hot cupcakes. This was like a single shot and game over but this made other companies realize that now it’s their turn to prove their worth. Android starting trying new things and started getting the attention and this competition really turned on the fire as in counter-attack iPhone launched something every time with every new series of phones. This keeps their standards high and that is why they need to maintain their standard because now every other brand is trying and making something new to compete with them and this is leading to a point where everyone is a successful brand.