How to appeal amazon suspension

Amazon is one of the biggest and most popular online selling sites. Having a massive audience growing every day, and expanding the business even more. Customer service has always been a priority. And to take care of the customer service Amazon has made some strict policies for the sellers to keep the buyers away from bad sellers and even then if they violate it sellers face suspension and then Amazon suspension appeal is another headache. Amazon has given many privileges to the sellers and buyers and that one thing which is not allowed for Amazon sellers is to violate rules and sell restricted goods.

Got suspended from Amazon? Did Amazon remove your selling privileges? Facing troubles with filling appeal? Wanted to build a business with Amazon? Having troubles knowing the Amazon policies?  Wanted to earn profit but the account got suspended?

Reasons behind account suspension

Heres is which you might be facing all the difficulties in accessing Amazon. Amazon might have removed your selling privileges because you might have violated some amazon guideline which cost your suspension.

Poor performance

Poor performance is a big reason, Amazon might suspend your account because they would not see the activity or the kind of problem that the buyer has to face because of the poor performance of the sellers. amazon will suspend the account right away.

Inauthentic products

If you are trying to fool the customers with the pictures of the product that you won’t originally deliver, it’s a scam. You won’t get too far with fooling the buyers with your cheap selling strategy. You need to drop that plan ASAP. Because this will get your account suspended and in this case, Amazon suspension appeal might also not help.

Restricted products

If the seller is selling the restricted products that might be the end of it and the seller will not e able to sell the product and face suspension. Before selling on Amazon you need to know the list of products you cannot sell on Amazon if they harm anybody or a restricted from the manufacturer itself.

How to file amazon suspension appeal

After the suspension of your account, you might be finding your way, of how to get your account back and start working again with Amazon, because you know Amazon is a good catch to establish you newly started a business and earn more and more profit as it caters to a massive audience, therefore, showcases your products to thousands of people. Amazon suspension appeal is a way to get through this. You have one chance to file an amazon suspension appeal which I would recommend not to hurry for, take your time, understand the issues and make a solid Amazon suspension appealThat appeal must contain all the facts and figures and try to make is less paragraph based and more bullets based. Don’t add unnecessary details and consult an expert, who will guide you the best in making an impactful amazon suspension appeal and will help you get your account back.